Status epilepticus attributed to inadvertent intrathecal injection of cefazolin during myelography

Status epilepticus attributed to inadvertent intrathecal injection of cefazolin during myelography



To describe a case of status epilepticus believed to be a consequence of inadvertent intrathecal administration of cefazolin in a dog undergoing a myelogram.

Case Summary

A 4‐year‐old, 6.5 kg, male neutered Dachshund was referred for evaluation of an acute onset hind limb paraparesis. While performing a lumbar myelogram, cefazolin was inadvertently injected into the ventral subarachnoid space. Subsequent refractory seizure activity was attributed to the epileptogenic effects of intrathecally administered cefazolin. Supportive therapy led to eventual complete recovery.

New or Unique Information Provided

Although epileptogenic effects of intrathecally administered cefazolin are well documented in the human and experimental animal model literature, to the authors’ knowledge this has not been characterized in the veterinary literature. This case highlights the need to be diligent and mindful when one administers medications, and describes the management of a dog adversely affected as a consequence of a medical error.

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At turns hilarious and touching, this delightful book is a great read! Dr. Griffith is America's James Herriot. Don't miss this charming collection of heart warming stories.

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So How Was Your Day Doc? by Dr. Carrie A. Griffith is a must-read for anyone who loves animals. The book is a series of short vignettes by different veterinarians that are as much about the owners as their pets. Funny, sad, and heartwarming, the book is filled with evocative descriptions of veterinary practice. From Tootsie, the mischievous Lhasa Apso, to the owner who asked if her dog could have a "distemperment" shot because she was mean, you will enjoy the characters you meet in this book! 

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