Celebrating the Amazing Horse: Pony Express Fun Facts

Celebrating the Amazing Horse: Pony Express Fun Facts
Carrie Griffith
July 19, 2020

Pony Express Fun Facts


1.    The Pony Express route covered 1900 miles between Sacramento, California, and St. Joseph, Missouri.

2.    The company began in 1860 but only lasted nineteen months before being replaced by the much more efficient and less expensive telegraph machine.

3.    The cost to send a package was equivalent to spending $100 today, and it took roughly ten days for it to arrive at the destination.

4.    The horses were mostly Morgans, Thoroughbreds, and mustangs. Their average height was 14.2 hands.

5.    They carried 165 lbs at a fast trot, canter, or gallop for 10-15 miles.They worked day and night in all seasons and faced innumerable dangers.  



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